Degradations in EGNOS performance


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    On 27th February 2014 significant degradations in EGNOS performance was reported by ESSP and FAA. Is this due to TID activity over Europe?


    This event has been deeply studied by Mission Performance team at ESSP who investigated the reason of this degradation. ( the link to the article can be found here ) In the month of February 2014 the high solar activities have been observed which had significant impact on EGNOS system. It has been observed that North part of Europe has been the most influenced by this event. In this particular day, the degradation has started at 1700 UTC and followed on 28th until 0200 UTC. It has been proved that the geomagnetic activity which disturbed the EGNOS system was related to the coronal mass ejection associated to a X4.9 flare erupted from the Sun at 0049 UTC on February 25th. Is this degradation was caused by TID activity which occurred at this time?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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