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TechTIDE in
TechTIDE in

List of publications in peer review journals

Author(s) Title Journal DOI Open Access
B. Reinisch, I. Galkin, A. Belehaki, et al. Pilot ionosonde network for identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances Radio Science ​doi:10.1002/2017RS006263 YES
J. M. Juan, J. Sanz, A. Rovira-Garcia, G. GonzálezCasado, D. Ibáñez and R. O. Perez AATR an ionospheric activity indicator specifically based on
GNSS measurements
J. Space Weather Space Clim. ​doi:10.1051/swsc/2017044 YES
Tsagouri I., K. Koutroumbas and P. Elias A new short-term forecasting model for the total electron content storm time disturbances J. Space Weather Space Clim. ​doi:10.1051/swsc/2018019 YES
Michael W. Liemohn, James P. McCollough, Vania K. Jordanova, et al. Model evaluation guidelines for geomagnetic index predictions Space Weather ​doi:10.1029/2018SW002067 no
Ioanna Tsagouri, Larisa Goncharenko, Ja Soon Shim, et al. Assessment of current capabilities in modeling the ionospheric climatology for space weather applications: foF2 and hmF2 Space Weather ​doi:10.1029/2018SW002035 no
Galkin, I.A., B.W. Reinisch, and D.Bilitza Realistic Ionosphere: real-time ionosonde service for ISWI Sun and Geosphere ​doi:10.31401/SunGeo.2018.02.09 YES
Rejfek, L., D. Kouba, Z. Mosna, P. et al. Passive ionospheric radar builds with USRP N210 Journal of Electrical Engineering doi: 10.2478/jee-2019–0023 YES
Mosna, Z., D. Kouba, P. Koucka Knizova, et al. Ionospheric storm of September 2017 observed at ionospheric station Pruhonice, the Czech Republic Advances in Space Research NO
J. J. Curtó, J. M. Juan, and C.C. Timoté Confirming geomagnetic Sfe by means of a solar flare detector based on GNSS J. Space Weather Space Clim. ​doi:10.1051/swsc/2019040 YES
Vadym Paznukhov, David Altadill, Miguel Juan, Estefania Blanch Ionospheric tilt measurements: application to TID climatology study Radio Science ​ YES
David Altadill, Antoni Segarra, Estefania Blanch, et al. A method for real-time identification and tracking of traveling ionospheric disturbances using ionosonde data: First results J. Space Weather Space Clim. ​ YES
Arthur Amaral Ferreira, Claudia Borries, Chao Xiong, et al. Identification of potential precursors for the occurrence of Large-Scale Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances in a case study during September 2017 J. Space Weather Space Clim. YES
Belehaki Anna, Ioanna Tsagouri, David Altadill, et al. An overview of methodologies for real-time detection, characterisation and tracking of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances developed in the TechTIDE project J. Space Weather Space Clim.


Cristhian Camilo Timoté, José Miguel Juan, Jaume Sanz, et al. Impact of medium-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances on network real-time kinematic services: CATNET study case J. Space Weather Space Clim.


TechTIDE consortium 9 technical reports resulted by the project and approved by the EC Zenodo Yes


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