Real-Time Conditions

Characteristics of TIDs extracted from Digisonde-to-Digisonde operations

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TID characteristics<br>Ref. Time: 2021-01-28T05:41:45.000Z<br>Ref. Loc(N,E,km): 8.78000 52.4300 299.000<br>Amp (%): 24.8000<br>Period (min): 52.5000<br>Prop. Azim (CW): 110.800<br>Wavelength (km): 1050.00<br>Phase velocity (m/s): 333.333<br>Confidence (%): 0.00000<br>Uncertainty (%): 100.000<br> <br>Link information<br>Tx/Rx: DB049-->JR055<br>Distance (km): 778.000<br>Bearing (CW): -126.400<br>Ray Path (km): 1004.00<br>OEL Cutoff (km): 921.000<br>An. win (min): 53.0000<br> TID characteristics<br>Ref. Time: 2021-01-28T03:39:15.000Z<br>Ref. Loc(N,E,km): 8.78000 52.4300 315.000<br>Amp (%): 19.9000<br>Period (min): 80.0000<br>Prop. Azim (CW): 28.8000<br>Wavelength (km): 496.000<br>Phase velocity (m/s): 103.333<br>Confidence (%): 100.000<br>Uncertainty (%): 0.00000<br> <br>Link information<br>Tx/Rx: DB049-->JR055<br>Distance (km): 778.000<br>Bearing (CW): -126.400<br>Ray Path (km): 935.000<br>OEL Cutoff (km): 935.000<br>An. win (min): 80.0000<br>


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