Watermann Juergen Friedrich Wilhelm (JFWCONSULT)

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Watermann, J., H. Gleisner, and T.M. Rasmussen, “A geomagnetic activity forecast for improving the efficiency of aeromagnetic surveys in Greenland” Adv. Space Res., Vol. 47, p.2172-2181, 2011

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Watermann, J., P. Wintoft, B. Sanahuja, E. Saiz, S. Poedts, M. Palmroth, A. Milillo, F.-A. Metallinou, C. Jacobs, N. Ganushkina, I.A. Daglis, C. Cid, Y. Cerrato, G. Balasis, A.D. Aylward, and A. Aran, “Models of solar wind structures and their interaction with the Earth’s space environment”, Space Sci. Rev., Vol. 147, p.233-270, 2009

Papitashvili, V.O., C.R. Clauer, F. Christiansen, Y. Kamide, V.G. Petrov, O. Rasmussen, and J.F. Watermann, “Near-conjugate magnetic substorms at very high latitudes observed by Greenland and Antarctic ground magnetometers and Oersted satellite”, in: Sixth International Conference on Substorms, University of Washington, Seattle, March 25-29, 2002, edited by R.M. Winglee, ISBN 0-9711740-3-2, p.110-114, 2002

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