South Africa National Space Agency (SANSA)

Dr John Bosco Habarulema
Dr Habarulema received his PhD in Space Physics in 2011 from Rhodes University, South Africa, focussing on analytical and empirical modelling of ionospheric total electron content on a regional scale with the use of ground-based and satellite information along with relevant geophysical parameters. He is currently working at the South African National Space Agency as a researcher within the Space Research and Applications group. He is a research associate in the department of Physics and Electronics, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa and an honorary lecturer in the department of Physics, Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda since the beginning of 2014. He is the PI of the South African Ionosonde Network which consists of four continuously operating ionosondes with data ranging from 1973 for the oldest sounder. His research interests include ionospheric modelling, investigations leading to the understanding of physical mechanisms driving ionospheric dynamics especially during disturbed conditions in mid and low latitude regions as well as low latitude electrodynamics and their potential to launch atmospheric gravity waves leading to travelling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs).

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