European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Infrastructure or equipment
ESSP counts with different tools for EGNOS performance assessment for continuous monitoring and anomaly investigation to support this TechTIDE:
• TERESA is used to analyse EGNOS performance (availability, continuity, integrity and accuracy) of the EGNOS stations and other receivers.
• ECLAYR collects data from different servers (IGS, EMS …) and produce user performance maps over the ECAC area, including PL distribution, navigation errors, estimated availability and continuity maps.
• UPCM is a quasi-real time performance monitoring tool that is able to collect EGNOS data, process them and present the results to the users in real time.
• ESVS (EGNOS Service Volume Simulator) is a simulator that constitutes a fundamental tool to predict the system performance and the user performance, in the range of conditions it may encounter, in particular for degraded conditions.
ESSP maintains and operates a laboratory of certified GNSS receivers which fulfills the high level objective of supporting several aspects of the EGNOS Service Provision, such as user support, standardization activities and SBAS interoperability studies.
ESSP generates the NOTAMs to predict EGNOS SoL services outages at given airports, create and format the corresponding NOTAM proposals into an ICAO format and according to the European Concept for GNSS NOTAM to ease the validation process to be performed by the NOTAM Offices, distribute the NOTAM proposals to the concerned NOFs through the AFTN network.

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