European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Relevant Projects
“EGNOS Service Provision”, 2009-2013 and 2014- 2021, contracts with EC and GSA respectively for full EGNOS service provision of EGNOS Open Service, Safety-of-Life Service and EDAS Service and comprehensive management of the EGNOS system infrastructure, including the operations of the ground and space segments, of the overall maintenance of the infrastructure and the compliance with safety standards. Besides, EGNOS Helpdesk and NOTAM.

“BEYOND: Building EGNSS CapacitY On EU and Neighbouring multimodal Domains “, 2015-2017, H2020 contract for building capacity in the field of E-GNSS multimodal applications outside. ESSP played coordinator role.

“NOTAM (NOTice to AirMen) service”, 2011 – 2013, contract with GSA for the integration of the NOTAM service into the EGNOS Service Provision and the operation and maintenance of the NOTAM service.

“E-GNSS User Support (EGUS)”, 2013-2017, contract with GSA for implementation actions needed to manage the different user/market segments of EGNSS, EGNOS and Galileo

“GNSS Service Center”, 2014-2017, Framework Contract with GSA for the Operations and Hosting Services for the GNSS Service Centre.

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