European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Publications, Products and Services
Relevant services:

Provision of the EGNOS Safety-of-Life Service for aircraft navigation, where human lives depend on the accuracy and integrity of the signals.

Provision of the Open Service, for applications where human life is not at stake, such as personal navigation, goods tracking and precision farming.

Provision of NOTAM service: notices filed with an aviation authority to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight.

Relevant publications:
P.Pintor, R.Roldán, “The impact of the high ionospheric activity in the EGNOS performance”, Coordinates Magazine Volume XI, Issue 03, March 2015.

S. Magdaleno, P. Pintor, R. Roldan, “Impact of TEC depletion in EGNOS accuracy”, ION2016, Portland.

R. Chaggara, B. Duparc, J. Soubielle, O. Nouvel, A. Billot. Characterisation of Impact of Scintillations over EGNOS, ION 2015. Tampa.

A. Billot, S. Schlüter (2013). Impact of strong ionospheric conditions over EGNOS and mitigation actions, BSS2013 proceedings, Bath, UK.

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