European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Dr Sergio Magdaleno
Dr Sergio Magdaleno holds a PhD in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). After a research period in the National Institute for Aerospace Technology, where he worked as the operator of the El Arenosillo digisonde and was involved in the modelling of the ionosphere and the analysis of its impact on satellite communications. In October 2011, he joined to GMV and worked in EGNOS v2 CPFPS subsystem as responsible of evolutions of the ionospheric module algorithms for some EGNOS System Release. In October 2012, he worked in the EGNOS next version (EGNOS v3) as experimentation coordinator and ionospheric experimentation responsible. In June 2015 he joined to the Receiver Standardization and Evolutions team in the ESSP, the EGNOS Service Provider, where he works as EGNOS evolutions coordinator in the SPU and analyses SBAS standards (MOPS and SARPs) and mission requirements. Sergio has a strong background in physics of the ionosphere, ionospheric models and anomalies and how they impact on GNSS signal, EGNOS CPFPS algorithms and SBAS requirements and standards. He has authored/co-authored about 20 peer-reviewed papers and meeting proceedings.

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