European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Pedro Pintor, MSc
Pedro Pintor received a M.Sc. degree in Space Science in 2006 from Chalmers University of Technology, (Gothenburg, Sweden) and a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2005 from Universidad Europea (Madrid, Spain). His professional career comprises 10 years’ experience in EGNOS system engineering, performance monitoring and analysis, performance tools development (including ESA Service Volume Simulator) and support to development of EGNOS applications for aviation, maritime and agriculture. His professional career started in 2005 in the System Engineering Section at the EGNOS Project office (Toulouse, France) of the European Space Agency. His tasks there comprised EGNOS performances analyses and software development for system engineering trade-offs. Lately, his career evolved becoming an active participant on the EGNOS V2 Mission and System requirement definition. He joined GMV (Madrid, Spain) in 2009 and worked as a consultant for Aena (Spanish ANSP) and INECO. He was in charge of GNSS performance Aena lab team working on the development of the GPS and EGNOS performance monitoring policy for PBN implementation in Spain (i.e. RNAV-1 operations, LPV approaches, free airspace), reporting of GPS/RAIM and SBAS performance and flight trials assessments. He also participated in EGNOS V3 activities. In February 2014, he joined the ESSP as Mission Performance Expert and he works on EGNOS performance monitoring for multimodal users and ionospheric effects over EGNOS performance. He has published a dozen of papers including several analyzing ionospheric effects on EGNOS performance.

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