European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP)

Main Tasks
ESSP leads WP6 and contributes to WP1, WP5 and WP7. The team who will work in TechTIDE has a long experience in EGNOS performance monitoring and analysis having performed studies on the effects of space weather in GPS and EGNOS. The TechTIDE ESSP team is used to specification of requirements for GPS and EGNOS performance and forecasting tools including assessment of macromodels for EGNOS performance forecasting. ESSP operates the EGNOS NOTAM tool which provides warnings to EGNOS users based on performance prediction based on macromodels. ESSP is also used to set SLA with aviation stakeholders prior to the use of EGNOS addressing applicable regulatory framework, the definition of the services to be given and the associated services evolution roadmaps

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