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EGU General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 April 2018
ST3.4: Gravity waves in the ionosphere
Conveners: Anna Belehaki, Dalia Buresova , Bodo W. Reinisch

Atmospheric gravity waves (AGWs) have an important effect on the ionosphere dynamics, because they transport significant momentum and energy, create variability of the Earth’s atmosphere and create traveling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs) affecting aerospatial and ground-based operational systems. AGWs can alter the ionosphere dynamics and characteristics regionally and globally, constituting an important source of space weather disturbances. Because of their multiple triggering processes, the resulting effects are observed mainly all the time at different scales. The session welcomes contributions on the modeling and observational topics ranging from (a) AGW excitation by sources in the lower, middle and upper atmosphere (b) propagation and dissipation of AGWs, their effects on the regional flow and global circulation, their interactions with planetary waves and tides (c) monitoring, identification and tracking of TIDs (d) specification of the TID effects on aerospace and ground-based systems and relevant mitigation techniques.

Abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2018

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