Observatorio del Ebro Fundacion (OE)

Dr David Altadill
Dr Altadill received his Degree in Physics in 1991 at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and his PhD. Degree in Physics (Geophysics) in 1997 at the Ramon Llull University (URL), Spain. Since 1997, he is an associated professor at the URL in the University Institute Observatori de l’Ebre (OE) working on Ionospheric Physics and current director of OE. His research lines focus on analysis, monitoring and modelling of the Terrestrial ionosphere, especially the solar and geomagnetic forcing on the ionosphere and the dynamic coupling of the mesosphere/thermosphere/ionosphere. He has been mainly working at the EO since 1994, but was awarded as grant holder of the Ministry of Foreign of Spain (1992/10-1993/06 and 1993/10-1994/01) in the Geophysical Institute BAS, Bulgaria, stipendiary in France TELECOM, Lannion, and visiting scholar in the Center for Atmospheric Research of the University of Massachusetts, USA (2006/08- 2007/07). He is associate professor of the URL at OE and current Director of the OE since. He has contributed to several international research projects aiming at ionospheric monitoring and modeling, (European COST Actions 238-PRIME, 251-IITS, 271-EACOS, and 296-MIERS; INTAS-03-51-6425; AFRL_FA8718-L-0072; and HOME/2010/CIPS/AG/026). He is currently involved and acts as Spanish co-Director in the NATO project SPS (EAP SFPP 984894) and in the ESA contract ITT 1-8151/14/NL/LvH, as well as Chairman of the URSI-COSPAR Working Group on IRI. He is the author/co-author of 80 papers in peer-review journals (68 into the SCI) and over 140 papers in meeting (16 “invited/solicited”). He has currently over 1000 citations, (over 450 of them into journals of the SCI) and two of his works were selected as “AGU Editor’s Choice on Space Weather”.

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