Observatorio del Ebro Fundacion (OE)

Main Tasks
OE will lead the WP2 and contribute to WP3, WP7 and WP8.
The team of the OE involved in TechTIDE contribute to projects for space weather specification, forecasting and identification of ionospheric irregularities, and it is skilled in investing the variability of the Earth’s ionosphere caused by solar/geomagnetic activity and meteorological effects as well as in developing prediction climatologic ionospheric models and forecasting models of ionospheric disturbance, bounded to the solar activity and to the Interplanetary Magnetic Field conditions. The team also cares the monitoring and analysis of the variability of the Earth’s ionosphere and geomagnetic field being significant data contributor to international databases as GIRO and INTERMAGNET, making data, historical and real-time, standardized and available to the near-space community for their research, applications and modelling purposes. OE contribute investigating the climate of the upper atmosphere specially on atmospheric waves and its impact on the ionosphere as well as to the International Reference Ionosphere model (IRI) since 2006 and currently OE chairs the IRI Working Group and have contributed to develop its lasts versions IRI-2012 and 2016.

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