Observatorio del Ebro Fundacion (OE)

Description of Legal Entity
The “Observatori de l’Ebre“, OE, is a Research Institute founded in 1904 to study the Sun-Earth relationships. OE is a “non-profit” Private Organization belonging to the Ramon Llull University (URL) as University Institute and it has also a relationship with Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Currently OE carries out two research lines – Geomagnetism and Aeronomy and Climate Change –being active (with national and international based projects of research and development) in both of them, and particularly on geomagnetism and ionospheric monitoring, modelling and research. The later mainly consist on the monitoring and analysis of the variability of the Earth’s ionosphere and geomagnetic field as well as modelling such variability ingesting available space data. OE contributes also to a Ph.D. program at the URL. In addition to these aspects, OE manages several geophysical observatories in Spain and in the Antarctic Spanish Base ensuring the continuity and reliability of their observations, with more than a hundred years of history. The key personnel of OE have experience in developing climatologic ionospheric models and ionospheric disturbance models bounded to the configuration and variation of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field, in improving global storm-time electrodynamic models driven by field aligned currents, in analysing and modelling rapid magnetic variations, and in developing risk assessments of geomagnetically induced currents in high-voltage power networks.

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