Observatorio del Ebro Fundacion (OE)

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Description of Legal Entity
The “Observatori de l’Ebre“, OE, is a Research Institute founded in 1904 to study the Sun-Earth relationships. OE is a “non-profit” Organization belonging to the Ramon Llull University (URL) as University Institute and it has also a relationship with Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Currently OE carries out two research lines: Geomagnetism and Aeronomy and Climate Change; being active (with national and international based projects of research and development) in both of them. The Geomagnetic and Aeronomy team contribute to projects for space weather specification, forecasting and identification of ionospheric irregularities, it is skilled in investigating the variability of the Earth’s ionosphere caused by solar/geomagnetic activity and meteorological effects, and in developing prediction climate ionospheric models and forecasting models of ionospheric disturbance, bounded to the solar activity and to the Interplanetary Magnetic Field conditions. The team also cares the monitoring and analysis of the variability of the Earth’s ionosphere and geomagnetic field being significant data contributor to international databases as GIRO and INTERMAGNET, making data, historical and real-time, standardized and available to the near-space community for their research, applications and modelling purposes. OE also contributes to the International Reference Ionosphere model (IRI) since 2006. OE chairs currently the IRI Working Group and have contributed to develop the last two releases IRI-2012 and IRI-2016. In addition to these aspects, OE manages several geophysical observatories in Spain and in the Antarctic Spanish Base ensuring the continuity and reliability of their observations, with more than a hundred years of history.
In the TechTIDE project, the OE leads work package 2 which is devoted to release the algorithms for the Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances (TIDs) identification and the resulting products for implementation in the TechTIDE warning system. Within WP2, the OE contributes with the detection, in near real time, of Large Scale TIDs through the interferometry TID indentification method. OE is also involved in work package 3 concerning the investigation of TID drivers and working package 7 devoted to dissemination, exploitation and communication activities.

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