Institut Royal Meteorolgique de Belgique (RMI)

Main Tasks
The RMI team will be responsible for timely provision of data from the Dourbes digital sounder (DB049), as well as GNSS data from the local receivers (if needed).
The team will contribute to WP2, WP3, and WP7 as follows: Design and implementation of improvements of the TID identification and warning method based on the Dourbes-Ebro and Dourbes-Juliusruh experiments (2.1, 2.2), Proxies definition methodology (3.1), Ionospheric background specification (3.2), Development of methodology and algorithms for verification (3.4), Support the organization and implementation of the users networking meeting (7.4-7.6) and the conclusion of SLAs (7.7)
The team has experience in ionosphere/space weather data processing and analysis, developing real-time ionospheric and geomagnetic activity monitoring and specification, etc. It has been actively involved in the Net-TIDE research and operational activities, thus developing the expertise needed for fulfilling the tasks within the TechTIDE project.

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