Ustav Fyziky Atmosfery AV CR (IAP)

Relevant Projects
“Pilot network for the identification of travelling ionospheric disturbances”
, (Science for Peace and Security NATO 984894), 2014 – 2017, Project Director: Anna Belehaki, Czech representative Dr. Dalia Buresova

COST ES0803 action: “Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe”, European Commission COST Office, 2008-2012, Chair of the Management Committee: Anna Belehaki, Czech representative Dr. J. Lastovicka

“Atmospheric dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe”, (HORIZON2020 project ARISE2), 2015-2018, Project chairperson: Dr. Elisabeth Blanc, CEA, France, Czech representative Jan Lastovicka

“Space Weather Expert Service Centres – Expert Service Centre Ionospheric Weather”, (ESA-SSA-SWE project), 2015-2017, Project chairperson: Dr. Cladia Borries, DLR, Germany, Czech representative Jan Lastovicka

“Troposphere-ionosphere coupling and its impact on ionospheric variability” (Czech Science Fundation, P209/12/2440), 2012-2016, Project chairperson: Dalia Buresova

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