Ustav Fyziky Atmosfery AV CR (IAP)

Dr Jan Lastovicka
Dr Jan Lastovicka received PhD in 1973 and DSc in 1987, both from the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CSAS). He had been working in the Geophysical Institute of CSAS in 1967-1994. Since April 1994 he has been working in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, 1998-2006 as director, now as a head of the Department of Aeronomy. His scientific interest covers ionospheric and middle atmospheric investigations including solar-terrestrial relations, and in recent years particularly long-term trends in the atmosphere-ionosphere system in relation to anthropogenic impacts on the atmosphere. He is deeply engaged in the international scientific collaboration. In 1999-2003 he was vice-president of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy). Currently he is vice-chairman of the IAGA/IAMAS working group (WG) “Long term trends in the mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere”, co-chair of the trend WG of the SCOSTEP/VarSITI project ROSMIC, and Czech representative in and member of Council of COSPAR. He has been representing the Czech Republic in many international projects. He is co-editor (2010-2013 editor-in-chief) of Advances in Space Research and he has been guest editor of special issues of various international journals. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences.

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