Ustav Fyziky Atmosfery AV CR (IAP)

Dr Dalia Buresova
Dr Dalia Buresova is Deputy Director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IAP ASCR), Deputy Chair of the Institute Board, member of the Academy Council for Foreign Affairs, member of the Panel P209 – Astronomy and astrophysics, atmospheric physics, meteorology, climatology, and hydrology, physical geography of the Czech Science Foundation. D. Buresova defended her PhD thesis in 1992 at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Since 1992 she worked at the Geophysical Institute ASCR and since 1994 she is working at the IAP ASCR, Department of Aeronomy (since 2000 senior scientist and deputy head of the Department). She is engaged in the field of ionospheric physics (particularly magnetic storm effects on ionosphere), solar-terrestrial relations, troposphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling, space weather, ionospheric measurements, ionospheric service and predictions. D. Buresova is the EGU science officer for ionosphere and organizer/co-organizer of the scientific symposium on ionosphere and magnetosphere-ionosphere-troposphere coupling at 2009-2017 (Program group – Solar-Terrestrial Sciences – ST). She is author/co-author of 75 published papers and had more than 200 contributions at international conferences and WSs. She was main investigator/WP leader of several national and international research projects. D. Buresova serves as referee for JGR-Space physics, Ann. Geophys., J. Atmos. Sol. Terr. Phys., Radio Science, Advances in Space Res., and for national and international science foundations.

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